Know how pays off

Since being founded in 1884 Lorenz & Schmidt has developed constantly from a transport company to a logistic expert, and the development continues. Our customers now not only expect us to provide a transport service, they also demand that we provide consulting and propose solutions for new and integrated logistic concepts. We use all transport media to find the best solution for our customers.

As an independent company we maintain for our discerning customers in the industry the philosophy of an experienced, conscentious and economical service

• Absolute quality focus
• Greatest possible flexibility
• Fair prices

It is our daily challenge
• to improve quality
• to be reliable in implementing transport
• to be open and friendly in dealings

Logistic today – smooth, fast and flexible supply
Nowadays, logistics is much more than transport, the procurement of transport services  or the storage and transhipment of goods.

Logistic now means the integral appreciation of the supply chain from production to the recipient.

In this, logistics is not a rigid system, but is instead subject to a constant process of change in particular as the market cycles become gradually shorter. Logistic also means that there can be no flow of products without flow of information and therefore  IT management is an important and essential building block of logistics. The following facts are of primary importance in this

• Experience
• High team qualification
• Network with selected partners
• IT management
• Flexibility
• Capital Strength
• Quality