55.000 sqm for you

Lorenz & Schmidt GmbH is your competent and reliable partner for most efficient services in warehousing and distribution.
We have more than 100 years experience in this business field and can offer you an overall storage area of more than 50.000 sqm in the heart of the port of Hamburg

Our technical equipment includes three 50 tons reach stackers for container liftings and a sufficient number of fork lifters from 1,5 up to 18 tons capacity.

Our warehouses are only 15 minutes away from the big container terminals at the port and closely connected to the main highways

Our services:
• Labelling
• Sorting
• processing of defects
• Confectioning
• Quality Control
• Manipulation
• Bonded warehouse storage
• Active inventory management
• Overweight cargo Handling
• Unpacking / Repacking
• Distribution networks for the whole European area
• Oncarriages by special courier services